09/13/03 If you would like to contribute any writing, email it to me by October 31, so it can be ready to be placed in the December issue.

09/07/03 Issue #2 is officially SOLD OUT. Even though I have yet to begin on Issue #3, I'm hoping to have it out by Christmas.

PS; Someone sent me $2 for a zine in a card with a dancing banana on the cover (nice touch), but I'm a loser and I lost your address! So email me if you are the banana card sender, and I will make things right. Sorry about this.

buy it.

Would you like to buy a zine? Yes, you say? Well, that's good. Let's see what we can do about that.

Just complete this form. Click on that button at the bottom when ready to send, and you will recieve an email from me eventually. The email will tell you where to send your money. It will cost you $2 per zine. (Side note: I don't make any money from this. All the money you send me goes immediately to an envelope and is put away until it's time to pay for the next issue.)


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Email me at thestargerl@hotmail.com or catch me on AIM with "da robot says". I'm usually nice.

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